Level II Memberships

Welcome To Level II Fitness Center

Level II Fitness is a state-of-the-art fitness center to help you become the best version of yourself! We offer memberships, personal training, boot camps, team training and more! Single memberships start at as low as $42/Month.


Now Open! Monday-Sunday 4:30 AM-10:30 PM *Holiday hours may vary.

Membership Purchase:

You have the opportunity to purchase an individual or family membership in a couple of different ways.  You have the ability to sign-up online right now at your convenience through our self-service account.  You can also come in, take a tour and sign-up at TBK.

Self Service Account – Purchase Online 

  1. Click the button below that says “Self-Service Account-  Purchase Membership”
  2.  “Login” if you currently have a self-service account or click “Register” if you do not have an account and fill out all necessary information
  3. Go to “Buy”
  4. Click on “Memberships”
  5. Toggle to “Level II” in location
  6. Choose a membership that works for you and purchase
  7. Electronically sign to accept your membership agreement
  8. Enjoy your membership!!


Come in to Level II and take a tour – sign up at TBK !!

  1. Fill out the contact information below.
  2. Press send request
  3. One of our Level II staff members will reach out to setup a date and time for a tour.





Interested in joining Level II Fitness?

Complete the following form:

Level II Facility Features:
  • Matrix 7xi cardio equipment (treadmills, elliptical, stair climbers, rowers, stationary bikes)
  • Custom designed Arsenal Strength, strength training equipment (pin select, plate loaded, cables, racks, jungles)
  • Accessories (medicine balls, TRX bands, boxes, sleds, elastic bands, mats)
  • Access to basketball courts
  • Classes ($5 bootcamps and Free adult H.I.I.T group classes )
  • Showers
  • World class personal trainers

Bootcamp ($5 Per Class)

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • 5:15AM & 9AM
  • 60 min class
  • $5 per class/ Punch cards available

An extension of personal training; this class provides you with more hands on instruction with one our certified personal trainers. This class will utilize a variety of equipment for a complete and total body workout.

Group H.I.I.T (Free For Members)

  • Tuesday & Thursday
  • 5:00am & 9am
  • 40 min class
  • Free for members
  • Torch body fat in minimal time. This cardio based class is designed to get your heart rate up with short intense bursts of energy using your body weight and minimal equipment.

Surface Availability for Members:

Court 3* will be available to use during normal Level II Fitness hours July 1-October 1, 2018.

Pickleball, volleyball, & basketball included in membership!

*Weekends will vary on availability due to indoor tournaments for various sports.


No Contract
Single Adult (Age 18-64)$ 52.0042.00
Couples$ 82.0072.00
Family Of 3-4$ 100.0090.00
Family 5+$ 120.00110.00
Hero Membership (For Military, Local Police & Fire Department. Must Show Valid ID)$ 46.0036.00
Senior Citizen (Age 65+)$ 46.0036.00
Day Pass15.00 *Not available online