Athlete U Summer Camps are back!


Athlete U – the youth training program from Level II Fitness – is back with their popular summer camps! Session 1 runs June 6 – July 1, Session 2 runs July 11 through August 5. Athletes may sign up for one or both sessions. 

Registration can be done online here – 

Questions? Email Marc at

Check out the three types of camp on offer this summer and find the perfect fit for your young athlete.

Athlete U Strength Camp 
Co-Ed;  Ages 6 – High School; Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Our Athlete U Strength Camp will be powered by The Brand X Method. This summer we will be offering two four week Strength Camps ran by our Professionally Certified Youth Coaches. 

These camps will be designed to take your athlete to the next level! Athletes can expect to see improved power, increased speed & agility, improved fast twitch movements, improved overall strength and improved mobility all while focusing on reducing the likelihood of injury!

Whether your child(ren) is an experience athlete looking to gain a competitive edge or just looking to stay active this summer, our strength camp is the strength camp for them! In this camp we will focus on proper lifting techniques, weight room etiquette, improving body mechanics and most importantly, building confidence! 


Athlete U Girls Strength & Performance Camp 
Girls Only; Ages 6-High School; Monday through Thursday 

Athlete U is offering a summer camp for female athletes designed to build a faster and stronger athlete. This camp will run Monday-Thursday for hour-long sessions offered at 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. Athletes will alternate between strength training days and speed and agility sessions.

This summer camp is designed by a combination of our BrandX  programming and Coach Maria’s programmed speed and agility training. Athletes will create a foundation for a strong confident presence in the weight room, while learning proper technique for long term success.

During speed and agility sessions, there will also be a large focus on explosion and force absorption. Our goal to create a welcoming and hard working culture for your young athlete this summer!


Athlete U Vertical Performance Camp 
Co-Ed; Ages 6-High School; Tuesdays and Thursdays

Athlete U will offer two four week performance camps this summer! Throughout this program athletes will develop strength, stability, and explosiveness in the lower body. Athletes can also expect to see an increase in speed!

Weight lifting will be incorporated into the workouts along with high intensity plyometrics, weighted jumps, and corrective exercises to enhance efficiency in jumping mechanics and prevent injury. Prior workout/sport experience is highly recommended for this camp!

The Class will be ran by two of our coaches, Brad Fuhrhop and Cody Smith.



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