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Step inside TBK Bank Sports Complex and shoot some hoops in our indoor gymnasium, Pepsi Courts. Spanning over 64,000 square feet, Pepsi Courts features 8 pristine full-size hardwood basketball courts. With 48 total baskets (32 height-adjustable), Pepsi Courts is the premier place for basketball development and play at ANY age!

How Do I Rent A Surface?

  • Online: TBK offers the ability to rent surfaces online easily through a “Self-Service” account. This “Self-Service” account allows you to purchase rental packages, memberships, training packages and more through your own personal account.
  • Email: Large renters, tournament organizers, team coordinators or any other bulk renters may want to choose to contact our Rentals Coordinator to facilitate their organization.



  • Indoor Basketball/Volleyball Courts

    TBK has 8 full sized wood basketball/volleyball courts covering nearly 64,000 square feet. Each one of these courts contain 6 baskets for the best training and competition experience possible. In addition to basketball and volleyball, clients can choose to use the courts for pickleball, futsol, parties and more.

    Pricing: $75/hr

Self Service Rental

  • Our fields and indoor cages are available to rent for tournaments, team practices, individual use, or
    private parties. All surface rentals are subject to availability
  • If interested in renting a cage or field please, book online through your self-service account. For help on how to navigate your “Self-Service” account, click on “Self Service Instructions”.

Field Map click image to enlarge

TBK Reserve A Field

Self Service Reserve A Field

TBK Reserve A Field

Self Service Instructions

Terms And Conditions

  • Rental fees will be paid prior to surface rental.

    Rentals are in 1 hour increments. 1/2 hour rentals are not allowed unless noted.
  • Refunds/discounts for tardiness will not be provided.

    Pre-Payments & Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. However, with timely notice, we will allow your club to use these funds towards future bookings.

    Teams will exit the playing surface immediately upon the end of their time.

    Reschedules are handled by client through the self-service account. Reschedules will be allowed by the self-service system up to 24 hours ahead of time

    If you book a block of time through the Rental Coordinator and do not inform them of a change in your reservation, the block of time is considered rented. NO make-up time will be offered and the funds are forfeited. If you postpone a session and notify TBK as specified, the time will be made up in the next available block of time or the session will be moved to end of the reservation into the next available block of time.

    Questions: Email the Rental Coordinator