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Basketball Training

Looking to further your basketball skills? We offer strength and agility programming to take an athlete’s game to new heights.


On-Court Skill Development


Pure Sweat Basketball is dedicated to providing players with a game-like training environment that maximizes the effectiveness of their time in the gym and is customized to most efficiently improve the overall skill set of each and every player in the gym.


With a variety of options to choose from, we are determined to offer the best learning environment for every player we have the opportunity to work with and are constantly adapting our practices to fit the changing needs of today’s players. Based upon a NBA-proven set of skill development techniques, we pride ourselves on focusing players’ attention in the areas of their game that will help them be successful on the court.


Can you shoot with proper form at game speed from game spots? Can you handle pressure at the rim, as a passer, and with the ball in your hands? Can you make the right decision at the right time and do you know how to move on and off the ball? Do you know how to defend in an individual and team environment?


These are just some of the areas of the game we focus on in our workouts. No matter the age, no matter the skill level, one thing always remains true: we focus on helping players learn to make WINNING PLAYS CONSISTENTLY!

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