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We are stacked and ready to play with the biggest arcade in the Quad Cities! We’ve got games of both skill and competition, including classic arcade games and all the newest releases of the industry. TBK Bank Entertainment Center is sure to have something to suit your gaming needs and is perfect for family fun! Earn points using your Player Card and redeem them for terrific prizes at our Redemption Counter. We’ve got games for days, for all ages too! Bring family night out our way or ask us about hosting your child’s Birthday Party!
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Game List

Rides : Spongebob Dynamic Duo VR & Virtual Rabbids VR

Crane Games : Taj Mahal Ticket Ring, Taj Mahal Knobby Ball Crane, Plucky Ducky, Fun Zone, Mega Box

Video Games : Jurassic Park, Halo, Walking Dead, Nerf, FX Air Hockey, Moto GP, Mario Kart & Pump It Up

Redemption : Big Bass, Big Ticket Drop, Crazy Tower, Crossy Road, Quick Drop, Ticket Time, Whack N’ Win, Milk Jug Toss, Dynamic Boxer, Space Invader,
Space Warp, Sink It, NBA Hoops, Monster Drop, Treasure Quest, Pacman, Hot Shot, Down the Clown, Crazy Tower, Ice Ball, Grand Piano, Spin N’ Win, Pop The Lock, Connect 4 Hoops,  Willy Crash, Rick & Morty Blips & Chitz, Spongebob Pirate’s of Bikini Bottom, 

Virtual Reality : Hologate


30 Minutes + 1 Swipe on Spongebob Dynamic Duo VR, Laser Tag, Hologate, Virtual Rabbids Ride

60 Minutes + 2 Swipes on Spongebob Dynamic Duo VR, Laser Tag, Hologate or Virtual Rabbids Ride

(Timecards exclude play on rides, cranes and merchandisers and do not accumulate tickets for redemption prizes; time starts on first swipe & player must move game to game)

Games range from $1-$4 – cash on cards will allow you to rack up points for redemption prizes


Accumulate and spend $400 for a lifetime discount of 25% off all games during each visit! (does not apply to time play; cash cards only

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Player Card

Save time and purchase your play ahead of your visit or give the gift of fun to that special someone!

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