Laser Tag

Test your skills with some friendly competition and the opportunity to claim your rank on the scoreboard! We have the best laser tag equipment and laser tag arena in the Quad Cities, making us a primary location for family fun, corporate team building experiences, and birthday parties!

Pirate’s Revenge arena is vibrantly designed to place you in the depths of a buccaneer’s adventure.  Boasting a multi-level playing area outfitted with ramps, bases, obstacles, and targets, you’ll have plenty of room to strategically combat the opposition.  We accentuate your experience with black lights, music, hazers, and DMX effects to send you reeling for more.



first-come, first-served in 20-minute increments to get players briefed with rules, suited up in our futuristic laser tag equipment and placed into a 10 minute mission.  We can accommodate group sizes ranging from 2-24 players with an additional 2 VIP phasers that have special sounds, lights and weapons.

*Booked Birthday Party & Event missions are prescheduled; today’s time slots can be viewed on the monitor behind the Laser Tag counter.

laser tag arena


Our futuristic phasers emit different sounds based on actions as well as an LCD display of the most important information pertaining to you as a player.  Our vests are equipped with multiple sensors, each of which vibrate with its own point value when tagged.  Two LCD bases located on the main floor carry various power ups, ammo upgrades and increased shield times during game play, allowing you the one up on the opposing team should you have the skills to get close in the first place.  You’ll have to strategize with your team or define your solo goals to maintain the scoreboard in your favor.

Make your way to the bow of the ship, aim, and shoot to send the cannons off to fire and fill the room with haze and sound effects.  In turn, all players in the vicinity are then targeted and shot.


We run Team & Solo play during peak times but can run a plethora of different gaming formats otherwise-ask your Laser Tag Captain before your next mission! 

One Shot Ammo, One Shot Energy, Sharpshooter Free For All, Backstabber Free For All, Agents, Delta Respawn, Agents One Shot, Zombies, Gladiators, One Shot Free For All, Territories, Delta Tag, Graffiti, Hunter Energy Free For All, Takeover & Sharpshooter.

laser tag arena