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TBKBSA Turf Soccer League 3 & 4 year old’s

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January 31 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

DNA Soccer Leagues for 3-to-8-year old’s 

DNA Soccer and PLD Sports have partnered to design a soccer league for 3-to-6-year old’s that will emphasize on socialization, developing basic soccer fundamentals, working on good sportsmanship, and having fun! Games will run from Monday, January 24th, 2022, to Monday, February 21st ,2021 (6 weeks).  The cost will be $50.00 per player and includes a team T-shirt. 

Games will be held each week, running a total of 50 minutes.  The first 25 minutes will be used as a “warm up” by having the kids practice fundamental soccer actions while playing fun games.  The remaining 25 minutes will have the kids scrimmage/games on a 4v4 game to learn the basic rules of soccer.  


Coaches will be volunteers, so if you’d like to help, please let me know. Volunteer coaches will be provided with a curriculum by the Sporting Iowa East Director of coaching and U.S. Soccer Coach Educator Paul Dayrell.  Sporting Iowa East and DNA Coaching staff will assist coaches by giving them an outline to use for their teams when they warm up for their games. 

Age groups will most likely be split as followed.

3-to-4-year old’s

5-to-6-year old’s

7-to-6 year old’s

Players will be played on teams by DNA Soccer staff and PLD sports staff. If you would like your child to play on the same team as a friend please put friends name in the comment box of your registration form.


Deidrah Kennedy