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Self Service Instructions

TBK has made it very simple for you to purchase memberships, rental times and various training sessions online through the software EZ FACILITY. By registering for a SELF-SERVICE ACCOUNT, you are in total control of your personal bookings. Create Self-Service Account/LOGIN HERE


Memberships: Once logged in to your own personal account, look under “buy” – you will see “Packages” and “Memberships” – Click “Memberships”. On the “Memberships” screen click the locations drop-down tab, select “Level II Fitness”. Choose the Membership that works best for you and your family and purchase it online.


  1. Once logged in to your own personal account, go to the tab that says “Book Rentals”.
  2. Under the tab “Rental For”:  Select your name
  3. Under the tab “Location”: Select TBK Bank Sports Complex
  4. Under the tab “Rental Types”: Select the type of surface you would like to rent
    • i.e. Baseball-Field
  5. Under the tab “Venue”: Select the field you would like to rent.
    • NOTE: For the large turf baseball pods – you will need to rent both 1 and 1A or 2 and 2A etc. to host a HS baseball event (240ft fences and above)
  6. Under the tab “Time Frame”:  Filter the days and times that you would be interested in booking.  Please filter your times starting on the half-hour.  Your time will be changed to the nearest half-hour if you do not abide by this.
    • The system will give you all available rental times for the next 30 days from your start date.   There are 90 days from today’s date available to rent.
  7. Under the tab “Results”: Find the times that work for you and “book”.  The system will prompt you to pay.  Fill out information, pay and enjoy your rental!

Training: Once logged in to your own personal account, look under look at the schedule of available times under “book sessions”. Once you find the times/dates you are looking for, purchase a package of training sessions and then book accordingly.

Operations Coordinator

Operations Coordinator

Jordan Lawson