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Athlete U LogoAthlete U, powered by The Brand X Method is an in-house youth performance training program ran by our Professionally Certified Youth Coaches. 

This program is designed to take your athlete to the next level! Young athletes can expect to see improved power, increased speed & agility, improved fast twitch movements, improved overall strength and improved mobility all while focusing on reducing the likelihood of injury!

Most importantly our athletes will gain confidence and knowledge on how to workout properly!

The Brand X Method


A program developed for children differs from an adult program in both degree and kind. As developing humans, what children can express differs at each stage. Extra protocols should be incorporated to take advantage of windows of opportunity during different development stages. 


The goal of The Brand X Method program is to increase physical literacy and support a growing mastery of the entire library of human movement. Brand X encourages development of the whole child for optimal long-term development through emotional, social and physical well-being. 


The Brand X Method is a program developed and designed specifically for children. Programming is individualized for each child within an age-appropriate peer group setting. Brand X incorporates new research and expansion and refinement of training protocols to address current child-specific issues. 


Outcomes that may be defined as finite only measure work or are sports specific. The Brand X Method has produced over twenty years of infinite outcomes. Brand X builds formidable humans who enjoy lifelong movement mastery, the ability to fully participate, and a legacy of health.

Level II Fitness

Pricing & Programs


Our freshman program is designed for boys and girls ages 7-11. These sessions will focus on building athleticism and improving coordination. Athletes can expect to learn proper running techniques, body-weight exercises, an introduction to strength training, improved body mechanics, and most importantly, improved confidence for their respective sports.


Our JV athletes (ages 12-14) can expect more athletic movements, increased power and strength by performing appropriate weight-lifting exercises. We will focus on increasing agility and change of direction, improving coordination, increased conditioning, and development of coordination and balance.


Our varsity program is designed for athletes ages 15 and older. This program is designed to produce high-level power and speed through our strength and conditioning sessions along with speed & agility sessions. Athletes will go through phases of building strength & size combined with improving force product and quality of athletic movements.






Level 2 Members: $175/Month-Unlimited Sessions                                        Non-Members: $200/Month-Unlimited Sessions

*Monthly Auto-Pay Options*

 Level 2 Members: $150/Month-Unlimited Sessions*                                   Non-Members: $175/Month-Unlimited Sessions*



Girl Box Jumping 

Level II Squat Rack

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