At Level II Fitness we know a trainer can make or break someone’s fitness goals. That is why we have hired the best of the best. All of our trainers have the passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm to make sure each client achieves their goals. View our training services below.

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Fitness Training Programs

We have a wide variety of health and fitness training options to fit your goals. From individual one-on-one personal training to small groups, and instructor-led group fitness classes, our team has the experience and knowledge to help.

Personal Training

Work with one of our Certified Personal Trainers to receive the results you are looking for. Our trainers will provide you with a game plan tailored to your needs and experience in the gym to set you up for success.

60 min training session.
Tailored to your goals

Varies based on the number of sessions purchased and trainer.

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Small Group

Experience the quality of Personal Trainer, at a more affordable price point, and a small, like-minded community to share experience and motivation with.

  • Details
    • 4-6 per group
    • 60-minute sessions
  • Pricing
    • $20/per person

Benefits of Small Group Training:

  • More Personal Attention – With only 4-6 participants in each session, trainers have the time to give each person individualized instruction and training.
  • One-on-one consultations will be included, as well as starting measurements. Recommendations on healthy eating choices and choosing your session day and time will all make these sessions more personalized and tailored to your needs.
  • More Economical –  Personal Training provides the greatest opportunity for 1 on 1 attention, development, and success. However, many members find that SGT’s fit into their budget a bit easier, while still giving them the personal attention they need to reach their goals.
  • Camaraderie – Friends enjoy working out with friends! Make new friends, and work towards your fitness goals alongside others who are working to do the same.
  • Motivation – Having someone right beside you can enhance the level of your workouts and drive you to a higher level than one would working out individually.
  • Support – You’re not alone! Because of the small size, members and trainers get to know one another and are able to provide the support each person needs. SGT gives you the opportunity to ask more questions, be heard, and leave each class confident that you are working towards your goals.
  • Fun – When you are all in the same boat, you are always guaranteed to have fun and push through together!
  • Adherence – It is scientifically proven that working out in a group makes it easier to stay accountable and create life long-lasting habits.
Level II Fitness

Performance Training

Athlete U

Athlete U is an in-house performance training program ran by our strength & conditioning coaches. This program is designed to take your athlete to the next level! Each participant will go through baseline testing. Once baseline testing is complete, athletes will then start the actual training! Our program is designed to help improve power, increase speed & agility, fast twitch movements, improve overall strength, improve mobility all while focusing on reducing the likelihood of injury!

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