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Looking to further your softball skills? Check out Legends for individual lessons, group lessons, and camps. In addition, we offer strength and agility programming to take an athlete’s game to new heights through our Athlete Development Project.

Legends Baseball and Softball Academy

Legends Baseball and Softball Academy was established in 2004 and is now the premier baseball and softball training center in the Quad Cities and Midwest Region. We offer state of the art practice and training facilities, and professional instruction.

Our services include: Individual one on one private lessons, group lessons, team training, as well as camps and coaching clinics. We train athletes of all ages and at all levels. That includes youth, intermediate, high school, college, and the professional level.

Whether you’re a younger athlete in search of getting better, or a more advanced level athlete looking to sharpen your performance, you will reach your goals through our result-driven programs and training.

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Legends Baseball

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Athlete Development Project

Is your child serious about baseball and wants to be the best? We have a dedicated team of accredited certified trainers whose goal is to take your child’s game to the elite level. Our trainers have formulated a program backed by science and research that incorporates Olympic training models. This program utilizes high performance strength and conditioning workouts to develop an athlete’s speed, stamina, strength, and agility. For more information stop in our Fitness Center or visit our site.



Sticks Baseball

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Purchase Legends Lessons

  • You will need to create a Self-Service account if you have not already done so.  Once you have created the account our site will send you a verification email to the email that you use.
  • Once logged in to your own personal account, look under “Buy” – you will see “Packages” and “Memberships” – Click “Packages”.  On the “Packages” screen select any one of the “Legends-Individual Lessons” packages.  Add it to your cart and then checkout.
  • After purchasing the package of your choice click the “Book Sessions” tab.  A monthly schedule with all of our lessons, programs, etc. will appear.  Lastly, select the day and time you wish to book a lesson.
Sticks Baseball

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HitTrax Softball Data Capture & Simulation System

Using patented technology, HitTrax is revolutionizing the baseball industry by greatly enhancing training capabilities and engaging players like never before. HitTrax offers the following:

  • Baseball and Softball simulation
  • Live Pitching, Pitching Machines, Soft Toss or Batting Tee
  • 110+ mph measurements
  • Adapts to All Skill Levels
  • +/- 1 mph accuracy

Sticks Baseball