Sports Training

TBK Bank Sports Complex is dedicated to providing ways for every athlete to excel. To that end, we’ve partnered with world-class trainers from all around the region to provide the very best in one-on-one training for your young athlete. 

Training is available for all ages, abilities, and interest levels. Below you will find information about each of our experienced trainers, as well as a link to schedule a training with them. If you have questions, all of our trainers look forward to interacting with you! There is an email listed under each Trainer’s biography. 

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Our Basketball trainers and coaches design customized one-on-one training programs, and group training programs, while helping motivate athletes to become better players. They teach dribbling, shooting, offensive and defensive strategies and techniques and monitor the overall development of each player. Our Coaches work with people from many different backgrounds and abilities, from High School athletes to grade school beginners. Your sessions are tailored to your skills and abilities as well as your desired outcomes. Let us help your athlete achieve their goals and step up their game!

Jordan Harris

Jordan Harris Basketball Trainer

  • Augustana College Women’s Assistant Basketball Coach & lead of player development
  • Director of the QC Shockers

Skills with Jordan Harris embodies character and confidence building! Creating athletes that are well conditioned for a fast-paced, critical thinking game of basketball. Jordan works on skill stacking through various drills that require athletes to make the right read at the right time with the right pace! Creating a well-rounded fundamentally sound basketball player while turning them into a well-conditioned high-IQ player as well!

Pricing Packages (Individual/Group)
Small-Group Training – 4-8 athletes. 
$30 per session or $100 for 4 sessions
1 on 1 training – $75

QC Shockers Group Training (September)

  • Monday (Girls)
    • 4 PM – 5 PM (5/6th Grade)
    • 5 PM – 6 PM (5/6th Grade)
  • Tuesday (Boys)
    • 4 PM – 5 PM (5/6th Grade)
    • 5 PM – 6 PM (5/6th Grade)
  • Wednesday (Girls)
    • 4 PM – 5 PM (7/8th Grade)
    • 5 PM – 6 PM (7/8th Grade)
  • Thursday (Boys)
    • 4 PM – 5 PM (7/8th Grade)
    • 5 PM – 6 PM (7/8th Grade)

Alvin Sims

  • Professional Basketball Player
    • Played the CBA, and overseas in Greece, France, Italy, Cyprus, Lebanon, and Austria
  • University of Louisville 1993-1997 (Top 50 Greatest Players Club)

As a dedicated professional with over 30 years of basketball experience as a player/trainer/coach, S5Academy, Alvin can provide the best possible service that will enhance the fundamental skills and develop the client to perform at his or her best.  S5Academy/Alvin can also provide the knowledge needed to compete at any level of the sport and help reach potential goals.   

Pricing Packages (Individual/Group)
Small-Group Training – 4-8 athletes. 
                          $30 per session or $100 for 4 sessions

Group Training (September)

Dates: 9/14, 9/21, 9/28

  • Wednesday
    • 6 PM – 7 PM (any age)
    • 7 PM – 8 PM (any age)

Click the self-service link at the left to register your player for small group and individual training. You will need to create a profile if you haven’t yet.

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Youth baseball player preparing to swing at pitch.

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