Forest Grove Drive Construction

The city of Bettendorf has begun Phase 1 of road construction on Forest Grove Drive. Phase 1 is scheduled to last through November.

Forest Grove Drive from just east of International Drive to the west of Championship Drive will be closed due to construction The Forest Grove Drive and Friendship Path intersection will also be closed. Traffic on Forest Grove Drive will be detoured using Middle Road, 53rd Avenue, and Devils Glen Road.

Drivers will not be able to access Middle Road or TBK Bank Sports Complex from westbound Forest Grove Drive. TBK Bank Sports Complex can only be accessed using Championship Drive and Competition Drive.

This construction phase is part of The Forest Grove Drive Reconstruction Project which will widen Forest Grove Drive starting just east of International Drive and extending east through Middle Road. This project will

  • Provide increased traffic capacity by widening the roadway
  • Improve the flow of traffic through this area by the use of roundabouts
  • Include multi-modal amenities
  • Incorporate landscaping and lighting improvements
  • Plan utility improvements for future growth

This project is essential to the growth of TBK Bank Sports Complex and surrounding businesses. This will allow TBK Bank Sports Complex to continue growing at a rapid pace and provide even more offerings to the community.

For more construction updates check out

map of detours and construction of Forest Grove Drive
TBK Bank Sports Complex sign